(1) Design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and commissioning of three waste incinerators;
(2) Desulfurization, denitration, dust removal, dioxin, smoke exhaustion and whitening projects;
(3) New construction and maintenance of refractory materials.

Hotteen Environmental Through independent technology research and development, and technical cooperation with international environmental protection companies, continuous exploration and innovation, focus on overcoming the core technical problems of hazardous waste incineration, was rated as high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, with more than 30 national invention & utility model patent technology.

The company has passed iso9001:2015 quality management system certification, with reasonable design, advanced technology, excellence, excellent production quality, low operation cost, and various performance and emission indicators meeting the national requirements.


Yixing Hotteen Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., invested and established by Taiwan HotteenEnvironmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (founded in 1984), is located in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, which is the beautiful lakeside of Taihu Lake and the hometown of environmental protection in China. The company covers an area of more than 30 mu, with a registered capital of US $4 million, more than 100 experienced engineering and technical personnel, has a professional international technical team, and is a professional manufacturer of complete sets of hazardous waste incineration equipment. Engaged in the assessment, planning, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, after-sales service, project management, agent operation and a series of projects of various environmental protection complete equipment mainly including hazardous waste incinerator, with rich environmental protection engineering experience.



Website revision is complete, welcome new and old customers to visit!

Website revision is complete, welcome new and old customers to visit!

"Welcome the spring breeze, send warmth" Caring for the elderly Passing warmth and dedication

"Welcome the spring breeze, send warmth" Caring for the elderly Passing warmth and dedication

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60 tons / day salty waste water incineration system
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
30 tons / day hazardous waste rotary grate incineration system
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
Fluorine and chlorine waste incineration device of a project in Jiaxing
Details 白箭头 黑箭头


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Postcode: 214214
Fax: 0510-87891707


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