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Solid waste salt incineration recovery device
Solid waste salt incineration recovery device
Solidwastesaltincinerationrecoverydevice     Duetothelowmeltingpointofthewastesalt,ifthetraditionalfuelisdirectlyburned,theflametemperatureishigh,whichwilleasilycauseawiderangeofproblemssuchasalargerangeofinorganicsaltmeltingandslagging,stickingtotherefractorymaterial,orblockingthedischargeport.Theheatingsourceoftheindirectheatingrotarykilnusedinthedesignisoutsidethekilnbody,andthekilnwallisheatedbymultiplesetsofnaturalgasburners(orelectricheaters),sothatthematerialsinthekilnreachtherequiredcalcinationtemperatureatvariouslevels(accordingtowasteSalttype,pre-heatinginsections,heating),thedesignofindirectheatingpreventslargeareasofwastesaltfromdirectlycontactingtheflame,andcanaccuratelycontrolthetemperatureinmultiplekilnandmultiplesections.      Afterthewastesaltisstirredandturnedinthekiln,thevolatilesinthewastesaltarefullydriedandpyrolyzed,andthefluegasgeneratedbycarbonizationentersthesecond-stagesecondarychamberat1100°Cforhigh-temperatureincinerationtreatment,andisequippedwithcorrespondingtailgasdevices. Alltailgaspurificationindexesmeetthenationalemissionrequirements.
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Solid waste salt incineration recovery device

          Due to the low melting point of the waste salt, if the traditional fuel is directly burned, the flame temperature is high, which will easily cause a wide range of problems such as a large range of inorganic salt melting and slagging, sticking to the refractory material, or blocking the discharge port. The heating source of the indirect heating rotary kiln used in the design is outside the kiln body, and the kiln wall is heated by multiple sets of natural gas burners (or electric heaters), so that the materials in the kiln reach the required calcination temperature at various levels (according to waste Salt type, pre-heating in sections, heating), the design of indirect heating prevents large areas of waste salt from directly contacting the flame, and can accurately control the temperature in multiple kiln and multiple sections.

           After the waste salt is stirred and turned in the kiln, the volatiles in the waste salt are fully dried and pyrolyzed, and the flue gas generated by carbonization enters the second-stage secondary chamber at 1100 ° C for high-temperature incineration treatment, and is equipped with corresponding tail gas devices. All tail gas purification indexes meet the national emission requirements.

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