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How to treat high-salinity wastewater?


1. Domestication treatment:
When the salinity is less than 2g/L, saline sewage may be treated by acclimation. However, the acclimation salinity concentration must be gradually increased, and the system should be acclimated to the required salinity level in stages. The sudden high salt environment will cause the failure of domestication and the delay of startup.
2. Dilution influent salinity:
Since high salt has become an inhibitor and poison for microorganisms, biological treatment will not be inhibited if the influent water is diluted to make the salinity lower than the toxic limit value. This method is simple, easy to operate and manage; Its disadvantages are to increase the treatment scale, increase capital investment, increase operating costs and waste water resources.
3. Evaporation concentration and desalting:
When the salinity is greater than 2g/L, evaporation concentration and desalting is an economic and effective feasible method. Other methods, such as cultivating saliferous bacteria, are difficult to operate in industrial practice.

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