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Wastewater treatment method


The methods of separating and recovering insoluble suspended pollutants (including oil film and oil bead) in wastewater by physical action can be divided into gravity separation, centrifugal separation and screen filtration interception.
The treatment units belonging to the gravity separation method include sedimentation, flotation (air flotation), etc. The corresponding treatment equipment used are sand settling tank, sedimentation tank, oil separation tank, air flotation tank and its auxiliary devices. The centrifugal separation method itself is a treatment unit, and the treatment devices used include centrifugal separator and water cyclone separator.
Screen filtration interception method has two treatment units: screen interception and filtration. The former uses screen and screen, while the latter uses sand filter and microporous filter.
The treatment method based on the principle of heat exchange also belongs to the physical treatment method, and its treatment units include evaporation, crystallization, etc. One method to remove organic substances in wastewater is activated carbon adsorption. Activated carbon treatment can be used together with activated sludge process, in which powdered activated carbon is used. Powdered activated carbon can adsorb substances that are toxic to microorganisms and eventually collect them together with sludge. The main danger of activated carbon process in sewage treatment is that the activated carbon that fails may always exist in water.

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