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Introduction of high-salt wastewater


High-saline wastewater refers to wastewater with a total salt content of at least 1%. It mainly comes from chemical plants and oil and natural gas collection and processing. This wastewater contains a variety of substances (including salt, oil, organic heavy metals and radioactive substances). Saline wastewater is produced in a wide range of ways, and its water volume is also increasing year by year. It is very important to remove the impact of organic pollutants in saline sewage on the environment. The biological method is used for treatment, and the high concentration of salt substances has inhibitory effect on microorganisms. The physical and chemical method is used for treatment, which has large investment, high operating costs, and is difficult to achieve the expected purification effect. Biological treatment of such wastewater is still the focus of research at home and abroad. According to the different production processes, the types and chemical properties of organic substances in organic wastewater with high salt content vary greatly, but the salt substances are mostly Cl -, SO42 -, Na+, Ca2+and other salt substances. Although these ions are essential nutrients for microbial growth, they play an important role in promoting enzyme reaction, maintaining membrane balance and regulating osmotic pressure during microbial growth. However, if the concentration of these ions is too high, they will have inhibition and toxicity on microorganisms, mainly including high salt concentration, high osmotic pressure, and dehydration of microbial cells, resulting in the separation of cell protoplasm; The activity of dehydrogenase was decreased by salting out; High chloride ion is toxic to bacteria; With high salt concentration, the density of wastewater increases, and the activated sludge is easy to float and lose, which seriously affects the purification effect of biological treatment system.

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